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Here are some of the many BENEFITS of Learning Optimal Use of POLES for Walking, Balance and Mobility: ** Achieve, maintain, even regain mobility and independence ** Reduce risk of falling plus you’re able to look around more while walking ** Reduce stress on knees, hips and spine ** Improve power & endurance ** Navigate every day or challenging terrain with enhanced confidence & ease ** Poles are sporty (and FUN), so encourage mindfulness, compliance and use ** Enhance weight management (up to 70% increased calorie burn) ** Achieve a more even, fluid and rhythmic gait ** Engage your upper body muscles to improve strength and help preserve your joints ** Maintain & restore spine function; walk with youthful attitude ** Improve posture, balance, agility, bone density & coordination ** Improve performance on a variety of terrain expand your capabilities & horizons ** Using poles encourages focus so that you can more easily achieve these many benefits ** Achieve, maintain, even regain mobility and independence ** The Triple Win of POLES: Enjoy the outdoors, connect with your buddies while getting whole-body exercise! ***** Optimal Use means getting all of these benefits without incurring or creating stress or strain in the thumbs, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders or neck *** Almost 2 hours of training on how to optimally use poles. For how to select the best gear for you, info is provided with the DVD directing you to resources for this. But gear changes almost every year. This award-winning DVD is about learning optimal use of poles for maintaining mobility and independence. ***** For hikers, please consider our hiking DVD: POLES for Hiking, also available on Amazon.

About the Actor

JAYAH FAYE PALEY is a mobility coach and personal trainer.
She’s the creator of the only comprehensive education on how to use poles 2 DVDS: POLES for Hiking, Trekking & Walking & POLES for Balance & Mobility.
She teaches pole, walking & fitness seminars for National Parks, senior centers, Parkinson’s & MS groups, and leads hikes for the Sierra Club.

Her company and websites focus on helping people to improve mobility and to more completely enjoy their outdoor experiences and lives.

Jayah is a breast cancer survivor; she has and manages lymphedema. She is the co-founder of the Lymphedema Education & Exercise Group at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco.

If you’ve seen either DVD and have practiced and still have questions, check the websites.
If you still have questions, please contact Jayah directly through the website.
Please indicate which DVD you’ve seen, your age, your issue(s) and what your questions are.

About the Director

Thomas Wohlmut, Wohlmut Media Services:
For over 29 years, WMSMedia has been bringing quality and creativity to media productions in the San Francisco Bay Area.
WMSMedia is a full-service media production company. We write, direct, shoot and edit award-winners. Every detail is handled with professional care, from creative concepts to the delivery of the finished product.

For more information please call (800)487-1073
Wohlmut Media Specialties: Extensive experience in a wide variety of communications projects for corporations. Expert in using the latest technology such as HDTV, DVD, podcasts, and video casts in the areas of marketing, human resources, and training for businesses.

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POLES For Balance & Mobility
POLES For Balance & Mobility


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