Zebco 808 Hawg Boss Fishing Combo Review

As an angler, you know it really well that how important it is to have a quality fishing pole to master your skills in fishing. I mean, if you had been fishing for a while, then you must know that the pleasure of fishing lies in the anticipation of the event rather than catching the actual fish!

Nevertheless, it’s always wise to be equipped with a sturdy rod and functional fishing reel that would withstand the largest of the catfishes out there. Because what awaits beneath the water, is always uncertain.

So, you need something strong, sturdy, and durable for sure. Well, to make your life a lot easier, we have picked up one of the best fishing poles for you available out there. In this article, we are doing Zebco 808 Boss Fishing Combo review to present you with the best solo fishing kit in the market right now.

What makes the Zebco 808 Boss Fishing Combo Special?

Tell me one thing, what do you look for in a fishing combo in the first place? It’s the action and durability of the fishing pole, and on the other hand, the capability and ease of use of the reel, right? I mean, that’s pretty much the basics of it.

Well, the Zebco 808 Boss Fishing Combo comes with a fiberglass rod that provides plenty of leverage to intercept even the toughest of fishes. At the same time, a push-button custom-matched reel makes finishing easier than ever.

On top of that, plenty of other features such as built-in bite alert, ceramic pick-up, and auto-reverse turn fishing are convenient and fun with this 7 feet fishing pole. So, let’s go for the features one by one for better understanding. What follows are the key features of the Zebco 808 Boss Fishing Combo down below.

1. Long and Durable Z-Glass Fishing Rod

I was saying earlier that this fishing rod is made of sturdy materials. Neither stainless steel nor aluminized alloy; it’s made of carbon fiberglass that ensures the pole remains very light while withstanding top leverage.

However, it’s not a telescope-type arrangement that can be pulled outside. Rather, it comes in two separate pieces that connect themselves at the middle of the pole. It’s better than the blank that comes in several pieces; for multiple intersections could loosen the tension and make it vulnerable.

The overall length of the fishing pole is 7 feet which is quite decent for catching medium size fish like cats, carp, walleye, bass, and others of a similar kind. You should know that the rod’s length has a big impact on how far you can cast.

Longer rods are typically made for longer casts, but they’re a lot harder to operate. On the other hand, shorter rods give you optimized control but leaves you pretty much limited with the distant throwing.

However, anyone would praise the matt-black finish on the rod as it appears in a sleek and elegant look. The 7 feet long rod has a line weight of 14-30 lbs, and a lure weight of 1/2-2 oz, which is perfect for medium to heavy fishing.

2. Fast Action Rod That Bends at the Uppermost Part

Whether you are an experienced or amateur angler, you must know that fishing largely depends on the action of the rod. Well, this fishing combo comes in a fast action rod, which is designed for anglers who like to fish fast and heavy.

It’s actually the speed at which the rod goes from its original position to the loaded state. I mean, when a fish responds to your bait and starts to swim away, the rod bends down, right? Yeah, that’s the speed that determines the action of a fishing rod.

However, the fast action rod gradually gets thinner as it approaches the tip. This is why it bends at the uppermost part on drag. Nevertheless, fast action rods are great for pulling fish out of heavy cover, thanks to their fast-moving tips and strong backbones.

3. Extended Eva Handle Offers Firm and Comfortable Grip

Typically, rod handles come in two basic materials – cork or EVA foam. The EVA or Ethylene-vinyl Acetate foam composition handles last longer than the cork version. On top of that, foam is surely the best option for anglers who don’t want to stress about the clean and tidy gear.

The shape of the handle is straightforward. It’s not a pistol grip handle. Instead, it’s a plain and long trigger stick handle that makes exchanging hands easy and fast. Besides, it helps a lot to hang into the battle against larger fishes.

However, the handle comes with a rubber butt at the end, making it extremely comfortable to support against your body during fishing.

4. 5 Guides + The Tip For Smooth Line Movements

Rod guides are always important components for any fishing rod. Firstly, they keep the line away from the rod from being tangled up or sag away. And secondly, they provide a smooth surface over which the line slides in and out.

So, the increased number of 5 guides enhances the casting ability of the rod. And the smoother surface of these shock ring guides decreases the friction when the line moves back and forth during fishing.

These guides also contribute to the rod’s sensitivity and casting distance. The double-footed guides of the Zebco 808 Boss Fishing Combo’s rod ensure that even the slightest movement in your finish line transmits to the reel’s sensor to alert you at the right time.

Zebco 808 Spincast Reel

Well, now let’s focus on the other part of Zebco 808 Hawg Fishing Combo – The 808 Spincast Reel, which is perhaps the most important and sensitive section of any fishing pole. To be mentioned, it’s one of the finest spinning reels among Zebco’s reel production lines.

It comes in all-metal housing. Inside the durable rust-free chassis, reside the ceramic pick-up pins that outlast any other materials and resist high wear by reducing friction within the reel. The outer surface has a premium matt black finish with clear reading to sort things out simply.

If you are a beginner angler, then this is the type of reel you should be looking for since it’s easier to fish with a spincast reel rather than a bait caster. And it’s less likely to be tangled with the finishing line. On top of that, it has a bunch of adjustable features that make fishing adventurous.

1. 17.1 Oz Reel Puts less Strain on Your Forearm

Weight is always a key factor while picking up a reel as it’s associated with fatigue. It gets easier to fish when the reel is lighter asof the  it puts less strain on your wrist and forearm. If you are an angler who spends a good amount of time fishing, then you must take this fact seriously.

Well, The Zebco 808 Spincast Reel weighs just about 17.1 oz, or about 485 grams, which is light enough not to make trouble to your hands or wrists, even if you spend a great amount of time angling.

2. 145 Yards/20-Pound Line Capacity

If you are looking for smallmouth bass and walleye or even a few saltwater stripers, then a 20-pound line capacity of this spinning reel should be more than enough. The Zebco 808 Spincast Reel is a medium-size reel that is rated for fish weighing 10-20 pounds.

On top of that, the reel comes with a great line of 145 yards, where the spool can easily hold it, with no overloading issues. The combined maximum monofilament capacity of 145yds/20lb is decent enough for medium to heavy size fishing in any freshwater source.

3. Built-In Bite Alert

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of the Zebco 808 Spincast Reel is the built-in bite alert system. This technology signals you whenever a fish is on the line by the use of audio and visual indicators.

This is a good feature for anglers who want to do something else simultaneously as it eliminates the necessity of constant concentration. So, no matter where you look and what you do, you’ll be alerted of the activity below the water with this audio and visual alert system. Interesting, isn’t it?

4. Dial-Adjustable Magnum Drag to Avoid Breaking the Line

This fishing reel comes with an adjustable magnum drag which can be set easily by rotating the adjustment points with your thumb. The main goal of the drag is to bring flexibility in terms of justifying how much force should be put on the line before the spool slips and makes more line.

The original magnum drag has even more power to hang onto larger fish while you play with it. If you are fishing on a known zone, and aware of the size of the fishes that lurk underneath, then it’s a great option to anticipate the strength of the fish that are about to gulp your bait.

5. QuickSet Anti-Reverse Prevents the Line From Going Out

As the fishing combo is made for anglers who wish to catch medium to heavy fish, the anti-reverse was always oblivious to the reel settings. The quickset anti-reverse system works rather faster than other reverse locking systems.  

It restricts the handle from backward turnover and provides the line access  to get reeled in, without backing out. Again, the anti-reverse system allows you to use the reel for backward spinning. This is how it maintains keeping the bail closed while letting the line out.

6. Changeable Right or Left Hand Retrieve

Whether you are goofy or regular-handed, don’t be bothered by that since the Zebco 808 Spincast Reel comes with a changeable right or left-hand retrieve that would fit any angler regardless of their stances.

It’s also very easy to change the handle’s end. You can just pull it out and place it on the alternative side without necessarily requiring any tools. It does not just offer an individualized fishing experience, it also comes in handy when your regular hand gets tired of spooling for long.

Shortcomings of the Zebco 808 Boss Fishing Combo

To be honest, both the Zebco 808 fishing rod and reels are one of the best fishing combos in the market right now considering the price and efficiency as a whole. However, as an angler, you might find the following facts a little troublesome if you can’t get along with them well.

1. A Gear Ratio of 2.6:1 is Rather Slow

The casting reels have a rotating spool, whereas the spinning reels are fixed inside. The Zebco 808 Spincast Reel has a gear ratio of 2.6:1. That means the bail rotates around the spool 2.1 times for every single turn of the handle.

It is, perhaps, a little slow compared to other reels out there in the market. Typically, it is recommended to fish with a reel that has a gear ratio over 5:1 in terms of a fast-action fishing pole. But unfortunately, this one is below the top mark and is rather mediocre.

However, the reel handle of this setup is comfortable and very smooth, so you should be able to cope with it by rotating faster while battling with fishes of great strength.

2. Bite Alert Could be False

Since the fast action rod is extremely sensitive to the slightest movements in the line, you will get a lot of false alerts in the reel that could turn very annoying while you fish in active currents. But the good news is, you can turn off the system if it makes false alerts frequently.

Zebco 808 Boss Fishing Combo
Fast ActionTwo Parts Rod Require Long Space To Carry
Durable Fiberglass BlankSlow Gear Ratio
Increased Number of Guides 
All Metal Spincast Reel
Quickset Anti-Reverse
Audio Visual Bite Alert
Pre-spooled with 20 lb Zebco Line


1. How far can I cast using the Zebco 808 Boss Fishing Combo?

Ans:  Well, it actually depends on certain factors, and most importantly how good you are at throwing the bait in the first place. Nevertheless, the Zebco 808 Boss Fishing Combo has a maximum of 145 of casting capacity, and how much you can capitalize on it is relative.

2. Can I fish in saltwater using this?

Ans:  Yes, the Zebco 808 Boss Fishing Combo is rated for medium to heavy angling both in fresh and saltwater. So, you should be able to fish saltwater on occasions. But since fishing in saltwater is more unpredictable, be aware of your combo’s limitations.

3. Does the reel move on the rod while rotating the handle?

Ans:  No, not at all. The Zebco 808 Spincast Reel comes with a twist-lock reel seat feature that firmly holds the reel in place on the rod, no matter how fast you rotate the handle. It won’t move at all while the line is at maximum tugging force.

Wrap Up

Sometimes it’s hard to find an individual solution for angling since most fishing rods require a specific type of fishing reel to be compatible with it. This is why we presented you the Zebco 808 Hawg Boss Fishing Combo Review so that you get the solution in one stop.

However, it’s better to figure out what type of line to pair with your reel and rod. It’s actually a part of the fun of fishing. There is no right answer, each angler will find their own sweet spot. So, just stick to the basics and explore more to find the one that suits you. Happy Fishing!

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