St Croix ICE Fishing Rod Review: Warm Grip In Cold Weather

What else can give you more comfort other than hands over a cozy-comfy EVA handle of a fishing rod while angling down the lake during a dead winter?

– Nothing.

Yes, you got it right; in this article, we are doing the St Croix Ice Fishing Rod review to present you the whole nine yards about this magnificent fishing pole. It’s simple, yet one of the finest fishing rods that’s compatible with a bunch of fishing reels in the market.

Perhaps, this is a masterpiece from the 70 years old St Croix fishing accessories manufacturer. Launching way back in 2017, this particular rod has got some flex from thousands of anglers all over the world.

So, what’s good about the St Croix B08P4JFSQN Mojo Ice Fishing Rod? And is there any shortcoming in the pole that could bum you out and eventually break the deal with it? Let’s find out in the review.

What makes the St Croix B08P4JFSQN Mojo Ice Fishing Rod Special?

First thing first, before we go deep into the details of the product let us review the standout of the fishing rod behind its overwhelming acknowledgment.

Well, it’s the durability and super fineness that continue to set the limit for fishing rods performance and versatility. After getting a face-lift recently in 2020, this version is much more superior compared to the previous one.

With the carbon fibre blank and flat finish reel seat along with a comfortable split-grip EVA handle, this should be the fishing rod anyone would come to love. Besides, it also offers compatibility to fish in different places. So, it’s kind of a single solution for multiple demands.

However, there are several additional features that would attract you to this sporty ice fishing rod. So, let’s focus on the good areas one by one.

What follows are the standouts of the St Croix B08P4JFSQN Mojo Ice Fishing Rod. 

1. Durable Carbon Fibre Blank

St Croix has walked onto the known road in terms of blank materials. The carbon fibre composition provides a durable strength to the fishing rod and eliminates any chance of breaking apart even at the highest stress.

Though some of the modern manufacturers are using graphite or fiberglass composition into their finish rods, the old and proven method of using carbon fibre still remains the standard when it comes to angling in tough conditions.

It has a solid build quality and the backbone of the rod is capable enough to withstand even the sharpest vertical jigging. So, if you are looking for a fishing rod of extreme pulling power, then this should be the one you would like to get for ice fishing.

2. Lightweight and Sensitive

One of the key features of carbon fibre material is its lightness. As a result, it gets very easy to maneuverer the rod regardless of the fishing action you are craving for. Besides, it offers superior strength compared to its other counterparts.

Everyone aiming at fishing in cold conditions always looks for a fishing rod that’s light as it gets very hard with time to hold onto anything that’s heavy. This carbon fibre made fishing rod is light enough not to tire your hands while fishing through the hole in a frozen lake.

And you should know that the lighter the fishing rod is, the stronger you feel the sensitivity in your hands about the underwater activities. So, having a lightweight rod in your possession, you should be able to feel the slightest movement in the fishing line without necessarily requiring any automatic bite alert feature in your fishing reel.

3. Designed For a Variety of Ice Fishing

The St Croix B08P4JFSQN Mojo Ice Fishing Rod is designed to catch a number of fishes that include panfish, trout, walleye, pike, and lake trout. Its perfect length and power give the rod great strength for handling small to medium fish.

While fishing into the frozen lakes, often you don’t get the flexibility to pull the rod horizontally for not having enough space. So, it becomes very important for the rod to have the capability to pull both vertically and horizontally with equal efficiency.

You shouldn’t be worried about the fact since this particular rod is specially designed for fishing in smaller spaces and other hostile ice fishing conditions.

4. Light-Duty Rod, Yet Very Powerful

Though the item is rated for light fishing, yet it’s strong enough to withstand the force of a medium-size fish in any kind of water.

If you are not sure about the size of fish that lurks beneath the lake you are angling at, it’s always wise to be equipped with a rod that is capable of outplaying at least a medium-size fish. Because you never know what awaits beneath the water.

And it’s likely for your typical fishing rod to be snapped apart if you try to pull big fish. So, this fishing rod, which comes with great strength to catch a variety of fishes, would be the perfect one if you want to hedge your bets. 

5. Smooth Stainless Steel Guides

Guides in any fishing rod are usually considered as one of the significant components for they ensure a smooth surface for the fishing lines to move back and forth while spinning in and out of the reel. Lack of a guide’s presence could eventually lead to a broken or damaged line during fast whirling.

The St Croix B08P4JFSQN Mojo Ice Fishing Rod comes with five guides including the tip. And you would like how the length of guides shortens as they approach the tip. It helps the fishing line to stay away from the rod and while offering great speed for the reel.

The guide’s finishes are extremely smooth and all of them come with an additional coating over the joints to eliminate any chance for the lines to be tangled onto them. Though this is not a double-feet guide configuration, yet the stainless steel composition is tough enough.

The smooth surface of the guides doesn’t let any ice set on them easily. Even if you keep the rod in one place for a long time, the ice forming in them can be removed by a little shake without any complication.

6. Custom Reel Seat for Steady Mounting

The reel is an important counterpart of the fishing reel. If you end up buying a fishing rod that’s not good at holding the reel firmly in place throughout the action, it’s very likely that you will miss the enjoyment of angling.

But the St Croix B08P4JFSQN Mojo Ice Fishing Rod addresses the issue quite extraordinarily. You get a custom reel seat that ensures the steady fitting of the reel on the rod. It’s ideal for almost all types of reels in the market that enable you to operate in different fishing techniques.

7. Split Grip EVA Handle

Some people prefer the cork version of the handle over EVA ones. But when you are angling in cold windy weather, trust me, the EVA handles are the best. The reason is very simple, it’s more comfortable.

On top of that, the ethylene and vinyl acetate foam composition helps the warmth linger on the surface longer than other things. So, it should be a great option if you value comfort over anything while fishing in a cold atmosphere.

Luckily, these EVA handles are easy to clean and they also last longer. To be mentioned, all the St Croix rods are designed in Park Falls and handcrafted in Fresnillo, Mexico. That means it’s almost impossible to question the quality of their products.

8. Rust Free Surface

What makes rust? It’s the moisture, right? So, it’s really important for your fishing rod to be able to prevent decaying from corrosion while you spend a lot of time in the water. The typical fishing rods that are made of steel alloy are not capable of living rust-free for a long time.

But when you know that your rod is made of carbon fibre composite, there is no need to worry about that factor since it’s highly corrosion-resistant. On top of that, the St Croix B08P4JFSQN Mojo Ice Fishing Rod has a premium paint finish on its surface, which further adds strength to its longevity.

9. Compatible with both Fresh and Saltwater

Fishing in a limited zone is goofy. Buying a rod that’s not compatible with either kind of water is equal to amputating yourself from greater enlightenment. Well, if you aren’t privileged with both the fishing zones then the case is different.

But once you have both the options of angling in freshwater and sea, and then bless yourself with the St Croix Mojo Ice Fishing Rod as it is compatible with both conditions.

No matter if you take it to a lake, or raid the rivers or even seize the sea, the St Croix rod will provide top-notch performance and ensure success for you on each occasion.

Shortcomings of the St Croix B08P4JFSQN Mojo Ice Fishing Rod

Well, it’s a budget-friendly fishing gear. If you compare the performance and quality of the rod with the penny that it costs, anyone with a little knowledge of fishing rod will say it’s more than the expectation.

Yet, there are few drawbacks that you might find a little troublesome given a few certain circumstances. However, they are not necessarily the deal-breakers. So, let’s have a look at them to tune it up.

1. The Rod Is Not Separable

Unlike many other modern-day fishing rods, this one doesn’t come with the detachable feature to let you fold the rod in pieces when not in use. So, you might feel left out without being offered the feature since it adds great freedom to the portability of the rod.

But the brighter side is, the feature also decreases overall tension by adding several joints in the rod. Besides, the lightness of this particular kit should let you carry it anywhere else. So, it’s just the length of space that you should compromise with.

2. The Split Grip Handle Could Be an Issue

Full grip handles have always been the norm of conventional fishing rods. But it has been a while that many manufacturers promoting split grip in their rods, as they are much lighter and give a kind of sporty look to your rods.

It’s definitely good for anglers who prefer to fish one-handed and are exposed to fish that don’t offer much of a challenge. But you have to admit that the Split Grip handles are not ideal for angling with two hands.

If you compare this version with a full grip handle, then firstly you will notice that there isn’t much space left for your second hand to be placed on to. Secondly, you will probably find it a little harder to fight against fish of great strength.

However, split grip handles are extremely sensitive to the movements on the fishing line and rods. So, it’s clearly visible that the version has both advantages and disadvantages, the rest is solely up to your personal preferences.

3. Not Ideal for Fast Action Fishing

Though the fishing rod is rated for light to medium fishing, technically, it’s not ideal for fast action fishing. Fast action rods come with a feature that bends the rod sharply at the tip when you put great leverage while pulling stubborn fish.

But this carbon fibre blank from the St Croix ice fishing mojo series doesn’t bend much at the tip and rather offers a typical bend at the middle of the pole. Actually, the move is quite justified, since you don’t need much fast action while angling down the frozen lake.

4. Incompatible with Bait-caster Reels

Like many other fishing rods from the St Croix Ice Mojo series, this one is also incompatible with bait-caster reels. So, be sure about the fact before getting the rod. But as far as spinning reels are concerned, this one is one of the best ice fishing rods around. 

St Croix B08P4JFSQN Mojo Ice Fishing Rod
Durable Carbon Fibre BlankSingle Piece Blank
Increased Number of GuidesNot For Fast Action
Spilt Grip HandleSlow Gear Ratio
Extremely Sensitive
Light Weight
Corrosion Resistant
EVA Handle For Warmer Grip
Ice Fishing


1. What is the length of the St Croix B08P4JFSQN Mojo Ice Fishing Rod?

Answer: It has a length of 36 inches which is ideal for lightweight fishing. Despite being rated for light fishes, it’s one of the toughest rods from the St. Croix rods line. However, The Mojo Ice Fishing Rod series comes with a variety of lengths and ratings.

2. What type of fishing rod is ideal for ice fishing?

Answer: Actually, you will find three types of material compositions in the making of a fishing rod. Among them, carbon fibre is one of the sturdiest solutions. So, it’s a great choice if you wish to fish in tough conditions.

3. Can I fish in saltwater with this fishing rod?

Answer: Yes, of course, you can. The St Croix B08P4JFSQN Mojo Ice Fishing Rod comes with compatibility that lets you fish both in fresh and saltwater. It has a corrosion-resistant coating all over its surface that prevents the rod from developing rust from acidic seawater splashes. 

Final Thought

Understanding how to find the accurate rod for fishing doesn’t come easily. Given the fact that there are a lot of things to consider while choosing the rod for oneself. Along with the performance of the rod, user preference also plays a vital role.

However, in this article, we tried our best to makethe St Croix Ice Fishing Rod review as easy as possible so that you can understand the factors well, even if it’s your first shot with the fishing rod. And all we can hope is that this article has helped you to sort it out. Good luck with fishing!

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