Homedics 12 Inch Foam Memory Mattress Review: Stimulate Sound Sleep

Sleeping is one of the greatest earthly pleasures no one wants to be deprived of. But for some, sleep seems to find a way to escape away, leaving them with utmost frustration, night after night.

But why?

Well, several things could interfere with one’s sound sleep. And one of the main reasons could be the lack of a perfect bed where the body would dissipate all the tiredness after a long day at work.

So, if you are having troubles with your night sleep frequently, then quickly check on your mattress and make sure it’s not the one that is doing the damage. If so, then it’s time to replace your ordinary mattress with a better one.

So, in this article, we are doing the Homedics 12 Inch Foam Memory Mattress review to find out why it is one of the best mattresses in the market right now and how it could take your sleep to the next level of coziness.

Let’s read along and find out more.

How Memory Mattress Can Essentially Improve Your Sleep

So, what’s this memory foam mattress, and how does it effectively improve your sleep intensity? To understand, you need to know a few basics of this widely used material in the mattress industry.

The technology was first used by NASA back in the 1960s for much better, softer, and comfortable airplane seats. Memory foam is made of viscoelastic and it’s very good at absorbing heat and energy.

Soon after that, all the modern mattress makers started to use the same method to their products and the industry saw an astonishing boost in the following years. Now, this type of mattress is always the first choice for people who value comfort over anything else.

The Homedics 12 Inch Memory Mattress equally distributes your body weight to the whole bed as it molds to your body in response to pressure and heat. So, the mattress supports along the curves and lines of your body, creating a better surface altogether.

However, The Homedics 12 Inch Memory Mattress comes with few other benefits to improve your sleep, and eventually health. So, let’s focus on the factors one by one for better understanding.

1. How Does It Actually Feel?

Like many other foam mattress beds, this is also comfortable and soft at the top layer. As far as the firmness is concerned, it should get 8 out of 10 in terms of balancing with the give.

The reflex of the top layer is faster than an average mattress. Your body will sink immediately as you sit or lay on the bed. But it doesn’t descend too much (4-5 inches) as the top memory foam layer is just 1.5 inches thick and what follows is rather condensed to sink within.

So, overall, it’s good chemistry of softness and firmness that should please anyone looking for a comfortable mattress.

2. 4 Different Layers of Foam For Gentle Body Contouring

The 12 inches thickness of the mattress is divided into 4 different layers. The top layers aim at giving the utmost relaxation to your body while the mid and bottom layers establish several objectives. The combination works perfectly to create a sleep-friendly atmosphere

At the top, your body is welcomed by the soft-cozy 1.5 inches layer of open-cell memory foam. It feels like rubber and takes the shape of your body once you lay over it, and turns back to its original form as soon as you wake up.

Open-cell memory foams are widely popular traditional types of memory foams. It has small sealed cells and allows air to fill the space, making the foam softer and more flexible material. It absorbs the heat from your body and creates a warmer surface underneath.

Just below the softcover, resides a rather thick and firm 3 inches layer of foam that makes the mattress durable to support your back followed by another 3 inches of BreZZZ ventilated memory foam.

This particular layer of ventilated memory foam is a great addition to this mattress. It ensures sufficient airflow inside the bed and keeps the internal environment healthy and reduces dampness.

The last layer of the mattress is the 4.5-inch stabilizing support foundation foam that keeps the bed steady and in place no matter how hard you jump over it. So, with all the layers together, you get a durable and comfortable bed for a sound sleep.

3. Great for Side Sleepers

One of the most important facts you should consider before buying a mattress is the position that you primarily sleep in. And if you happen to be an enthusiastic side sleeper, then you will probably want a softer bed that relieves pressure from the shoulders and hips.

In that circumstance, a memory mattress is the one that would suit you more. Given the fact that it offers great elasticity so that your body can sink without taking much stress.

On the other hand, a firmer mattress could create pressure points as your body tries harder to dig into the structure due to the lack of sinkage.

4. Easy Set-up

A mattress is not a small size item. It requires a huge amount of space for storage and shipment. So, Homedics uses the compression technology that sucks out the air from the foams and squeezes the overall dimension of the mattress into one-third.

As a result, you get it inside a box, which is not that hard to carry and set up to your bed. You should be able to place it over your bed without necessarily requiring anyone’s help. Once perfectly placed over your bed, give the mattress at least 24 hours to fully expand to its original size and shape.

5. Ideal For Platform Bed

With the hard foam stuffed at the center and durable 4.5-inch stabilizing support foundation, the mattress is ideal for a platform bed. It should be flawlessly set in even if your bed doesn’t have any frame around the sides.

However, this mattress is not naturally compatible with standard bed frames. That being said, you might need to use a box spring or foundation with standard bed frames to use the mattress.

6. Relieves Pain

Some people say they prefer the memory mattress solely because it offers better sleep. Their claim could be partially true, if not fully. Because measuring a perfect sleep is so subjective. And it varies from person to person, night to night.

However, considering few factors and fixing them up could lead you towards ‘almost perfect sleep’. And relieving you from arthritis pains happens to be one of those factors. The Memory mattress could help you reduce the pain by releasing pressure from joints.

The softer surface of the Homedics mattress will reduce any impact you might encounter otherwise. On top of that, you can also sleep without a pillow and still come out of bed without hurting your neck when you have this mattress underneath you.

7. Dense Structure Doesn’t Let Allergens Build Up

The foam used in the mattress is hypoallergenic. Besides, the mattress has dense construction that stops the path for dust and other allergens to slide into your bed and interfere with your gentle night sleep.  

8. All Foam Is CertiPUR-US Certified

Well, as a user, how would you know that the mattress you are using is safe? 

That’s where the CertiPUR-US certification comes into play. With that label to your Homedics 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, you should know that the foam in the bedding has been tested to meet rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance, and durability.

9. Zippered Cover Helps with Easy Cleaning

Our body releases oils every day, and it’s the bed that takes most of them. As a result, after a few days of use, the bed gradually turns darker showing the signs of your body oils and dirt. This is extremely disturbing and if the color of the bed is white, then it’s beyond tolerance.

That’s why Homedics 12 Inch Foam Mattress comes with a zipper cover that lets you keep the mattress clean without much fuss. On top of that, the cover firmly holds all four layers of the mattress in place, securing a tight, comfortable surface for you.

Shortcomings of the Homedics 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Homedics has been one of the best mattress manufacturers in the USA as well as in some other parts of the globe. They always introduce state-of-the-art technologies into their products to deliver the best of the time.

However, like other foam mattresses, this item has some drawbacks that you should overview before buying it. But, the disadvantages are more universal rather than individual. So, it’s wise not to blame this particular mattress solely.

Nevertheless, have a look at the issues and see if you could adjust with them or not.

1. Memory Foam Is Hot

As I’ve stated earlier, most memory foam beds tend to retain your body heat and eventually could make it hard for you to sleep, especially during the months of summer. This issue may worsen for the people living in warmer climates with lots of humidity in the air.

The reason for this inconvenience is the density of the memory foam. However, the Homedics have tried to keep it under control by providing open-cell memory foam, which has less density compared to closed-cell ones.

On top of that, there is a layer in the mattress that’s specially designed to circulate airflow in the mattress and try to keep the surface as cool as possible. 

But in reality, if you live in a warmer condition and don’t have an AC in your room, then it’s more likely that you will feel overheated while sleeping on it.

2. No Liquid Prevention Layers

Since the mattress is made of soft memory foam, there is no water-resistant technology applied to it. That being said, it might get a little hard for you to dry out the mattress if you end up spilling liquids over it.

The water makes its way into the deep of the mattress in seconds, leaving you with nothing but despair and dampness for hours to several days depending on the amount of liquid you mess up in the action.

3. You Might Struggle to Adjust Sleep Positions Quickly

Though the Homedics 12 Inch Foam Mattress has a quick response to sink your body in place, yet you might find it struggling if you are about to shift from your habitual hard mattress to this one.

On top of that, if you love to roll around the bed frequently in the night and like to try out diverse positions, this might be a bit of a concern with memory foam mattresses. Because, no matter how fast it adapts to your body shape, it takes at least a few seconds to adjust from one position to another. 

4. First Few Days Are Malodourous

The Volatile Organic Compounds in the foams of the mattress produce a chemical-like odor in the room atmosphere for the first few days of its life. For everyone, this smell is a little hard to be accommodated with in the first place.

And if you are a bit of smell sensitive person, then it will get harder for you to sleep on this mattress in the first three or four days. However, the odors eventually fade away as the days pass. Homedics claims 72 hours for the smell to fade away, which, in reality, requires more.

Homedics 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress
Soft and Very ComfortableCould Be Overheated In Warmer Condition
Memory Foam TechnologyRequires A Box Spring For Standard Bed
Quick Response TimeSlow Gear Ratio
4 Layers For 12 Inches Mattress
3 Inches BreZZZ Ventilated Foam
Safe and CertiPUR-US certified
Ideal For Platform Bed
Zipped Cover Included


1. How long do the memory foam mattresses last?

Ans. The Homedics 12 Inch Memory Foam has a decent lifespan of 7 to 10 years. With high-quality materials in the making, it is committed to providing comfort all through its lifetime. However, it’s natural for the mattress to be squeezed and become less responsive as time passes by.

2. Should you flip the mattress for better performance?

Ans. Some people believe that altering the end of the mattress could increase its performance. But that’s applicable for ordinary mattresses. When you have this Homedics masterpiece, you don’t need to flip. Besides, the top-to-bottom construction makes the move totally pointless.

3. What are the disadvantages of memory foam mattresses?

Ans. The biggest disadvantage of any Memory mattress is that it absorbs heat faster than it could release, making it hard for people living in warmer room temperatures. However, Homedics used developed materials and technology in the foam to reduce the heat to a rational level.

Wrap Up

Deciding to buy a foam mattress of Memory is generally a great decision for anyone looking for a more comfortable bed. It will certainly help you prevent waking up in the middle of sleep due to the lack of coziness.

To conclude, the Homedics 12 Inch Foam Memory Mattress review suggests that this could be a great option considering the fact it’s durable than the traditional mattresses out there and offers a definite sleeping experience.

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