Best Electric Burr Coffee Grinder Reviews In 2021 [Updated]

Coffee is often regarded as the most consumed hot drink ever produced right after tea. Millions of people around the world start their days with a sip of hot coffee. It is not surprising that the strong positive effect of coffee can boost up your productivity significantly.

For a perfect cup of coffee, many factors contribute to its taste and effectiveness. But nothing beats the freshness of the coffee that is grounded by your own hand.

However, it is not easy to get fresh coffee unless you own a coffee grinder like the Cuisinart DBM-8CRM. It lets you automatically grind coffee ensuring maximum aroma and taste intact. On top of that, precise control over grind size along with a bunch of other interesting features makes it one of the best electric burr coffee grinders right now.

Cuisinart DBM-8CRM Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

So, let us find out what Cuisinart DBM-8CRM Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill has to offer for coffee lovers.

1. Same Flavour as always

Everyone knows the reason why we use a coffee grinder instead of buying ground coffee. It is simply because the ground coffee loses its taste and fragrance once the bag is cut and opened. Cuisinart DBM-8CRM Supreme grinder solves the problem flawlessly.

The automatic burr mill offers the same flavour for your coffee every time. Burr technology used in the grinder can bring out the essence of your raw coffee beans more than a typical blade grinder. You will find the difference in colour and taste in your coffee straight away once you use the grinder.

Burr grinding does not produce frictional heat. It also ensures you get a consistent grind and optimal taste. Since the machine lets you grind a precise amount of beans automatically, you can always make your cup of coffee instantly to enjoy the best flavour out there.

2. Elegant Look

People who take coffee regularly tend to carry a certain aesthetic appetite. So, it’s predictable that you would like to know about its optical value inside your kitchen. To be honest, none of the Cuisinart home appliances ever failed to catch the audience’s eye, nor even this burr mill.

It comes in cream and silver colour variants. The attractive-looking grinder has virgin food-grade plastic materials in the making, which ensures that your food is 100% safe for consumption. Elegant brushed stainless-steel housing puts additional grandeur to its appearance.

The lower part of the grinder that holds grounded coffee is squire and comparatively bigger than the funnel-like bean hopper on top. In the middle of the grinder, you will a high-quality grind controller made of stainless steel. You can actually say it’s a smart-looking grinder all over.

3. Better Performance with Precise Grinding

We often face problems with our coffee’s grinding size. Different types of coffee making require different grinding particle sizes. For example, you need fine grinding if you want to make a hot cup of Espresso. On the other hand, French Press or Percolators require coarse grinding.

Cuisinart DBM-8CRM burr mill comes with 18 levels to grind your coffee beans. Now you can grind from ultra-fine to extra-coarse according to your demand. The grinding levels are divided into 3 categories for easy understanding.

The grind consistency of this mill is so accurate. Heavy-duty grinding motor used in the item ensures all the beans passing through the burr are grinding as the same way like others. You will be able to see real-time ground coffee powder through the transparent grind chamber.

4. Extra Control

The bean hopper of this automatic grinder can hold up to 0.5 lb of beans.  On the other side, a removable grind chamber holds enough ground coffee for 32 cups. Interestingly, you can set your precise grinding amount from a minimum of 4 cups to maximum of 18 cups.

Set your desired level of cups by easily sliding the bar in front of the grinder. The machine will store the exact amount of ground coffee in the grinding chamber and automatically turn off the machine once the grind cycle is completed. The large start button placed right below the grinding slide works perfectly.

5. Additional Features

This supreme grinder comes with an additional cord storage facility just under the machine. You can easily store the 34-inch cord in the wrap-around area to avoid potential wire damage. Besides, a scoop and a cleaning brush are also included for your convenience.

Shortcomings of Cuisinart DBM-8CRM Burr Mill

To be honest, you will not find any other burr grinder performing better than this one in the market in this price range. Cuisinart is a reputed manufacturer who has been making kitchen appliances for years. Yet, every product has drawbacks in certain areas. So, let us have a quick overview-


The annoying grinding noise has been an issue with this product. It creates such loud noise due to its heavy-duty motor. All the burr grinders indeed make noise while crunching beans and running their motors.

But for this product, it is a little gaudy and unpleasant due to the continuous rattling noise of ceramic block burrs deflecting the coffee beans. So, if you want to use it in a noise-sensitive environment, you should think twice.


Messy Operation

A large grind holder is a great option for making a good amount of coffee. But whenever you wish to grind a little, you might find it unnecessarily irritating. The powder produced during the grinding sticks to the upper side and lid of the grind holder and makes it hard to extract.

The reason behind this is, the coffee grinder spits the ground material from the side instead of pouring from the top. You may want to shake the grind holder to bring out the ground coffee. This might end up with a messy scenario.

Coffee dust also creates a mess by escaping the chamber while opening the lid. It will cling onto your hand and table for static energy built during the grinding process.


  • Elegant look.
  • Delivers maximum coffee flavour
  • Offers grind variety and consistent grinding
  • Large bean hopper and grind chamber
  • Automatic electric timer
  • One-touch power button
  • BPA free plastic material.


  • Loud Noise of Rotating Motor
  • Can get messy when you grind a little
  • It doesn’t grind less than four cups of coffee (in auto mode).

Frequently asked Question

1. What kind of burr grinder the DBM-8CRM is?

Cuisinart DBM-8CRM has block burrs. This is comparatively superior to conical burrs. Block burrs are good at maintaining grind consistency. On top of that, it can grind beans without producing heat from friction. This is why you get the fresh, aromatic, and tasty coffee flavour each time.

However, the company does not mention burrs or motor size anywhere. But the least you can say is, it makes heavy noise.

2. Can I grind things other than coffee beans?

Yes, you can. You can grind anything like grains, nuts, spices, etc. But it is not recommended if your main purpose of using this machine is to grind coffee since other things like spice will contaminate the flavour of the grinder. You wouldn’t like to have a cup of coffee that tastes like cumin, would you?

In addition, burr grinders are preferably for grinding easy things like coffee. So, it’s better to stick to a plan unless you earnestly need the others. 

3. Is it possible to wash the grind holder?

The bean hopper and grind holder are fully removable and 100% dishwasher safe. So, you can wash them whenever you want. It is recommended to wash the grind holder each time you complete a grind cycle. It is better not to use the grind holder for long time storage as it is not airtight.

Final Thought

Since the market is flooded with options, things get quite tricky while finding out the best electric burr coffee grinder. But with the Cuisinart DBM-8CRM grinder, you can rely on its quality service and long-lasting company.

This is the reason, users all around the world have given positive feedback about this product and thus it has become one of the best-selling coffee grinders on Amazon as well.

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